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Augmented Reality to Power Your Ideas

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is a way to digitally insert virtual objects into the real world, it can go from furnitures you haven’t bought yet showing up on your living room to dragons flying round the city, all through the lenses of your mobile devices.

It uses many technologies and components to achieve such a result. One of them being the ability to interpret the image captured by the camera. The image is then translated and the algorythm will look for certain kinds of patterns in the interpreted image. The virtual objects will then interact with those patterns. It sometimes uses components found inside the device (gyroscope, accelerometer, gps location) to pinpoint virtual object’s locations and make the experience even more immersive.

How can this technology affect me?

Businesses worldwide are realizing the major uprise of A.R. technology and its capabilities when it comes to reaching out to clients, improving education, science and accessibility. There is a broad variety of applications. As you or your business go about your daily routine invite yourself to think “how can I better convey my idea to the world?” and you’ll often come up with “if they could only experience for themselves…”. Augmented and Virtual reality is your answer! With it you’ll be able to immerse the world in your idea and make it shine.

How can Criadora help me create with this technology?

Augmented reality brings the best of the ideas that only exist in your mind to reality, and that’s where Criadora stands. We will translate your ideas into immersive experiences for all to see.

While you have the option of relying on software that offers you the ability to merely upload a pre-made model (assuming you have one ready) and show it on a pre-defined object, We, Criadora de Mundos, can offer you an entire experience tailored to meet your needs.

Do you need to showcase your new car model in life-size to your clients within your custom app? We’ve got it!

Want to have a fully immersive book with the addition of animated and interactable objects for your students? We’ve got you covered!

Tell us what your world looks like and we’ll create it for you!

What do I need to make it work?

The only things you’ll need to make augmented reality work is a mobile device with a camera, your custom app installed, and the real world.

Sometimes you’ll want the experience to be attached to a specific image, object or place in the world. Your custom app can also be provided with that kind of customization. It can use your custom images, objects and places to show your experience.

I want it now!

Tell us your ideas and we’ll bring them to the real world!




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